BEC 《本叔的商業英語》4 – 客户由于质量问题不付款怎么办(下)

续上一个故事,双方一直在拉锯是先让重验货还是先付钱。跳过一些细节,老外后来翻脸了,直指D小姐办事不力,向她的老板K先生投诉了。单从business English 的角度,这一节的例子都写得很专业,所以我就不作修改了。那么我们就在一旁静静地看着他们装B吧。


Hi K/D,

?I tried to call D’s phone but failed.

We relooked into the remittance of USDXXX and found that we had accidently paid you too much. We had now stopped the payment to recalculate. We will send through payment again after recalculation. I wanted to discuss with Dora on the phone but it seems that you are avoiding answering my phone calls.


We do not know what reason you could not arrange our QC’s ?inspection. There must be some quality issues otherwise you could have arranged our QC to check the goods. We made 30% upfront payment on this product based on the trust to your company. It is unfair that you do not follow our instruction. As my discussion with my boss, we would rather not deliver the skirts if there is going to have potential problem.


You must communicate with us ASAP as tomorrow is the cutoff date for the skirts!


I would appreciate a phone call from you as dealing with Dora on this matter has not been beneficial for either of us.
(这一句有时可以害死一个尽责的同事了。。。。。我的确是有点偏袒某一方,但这个案例我也不必太客观,反正在看戏。。。)I will await your phone call,
Kind regards


Dear XXX,

That has make me so surprised and disappointment (建议大家多用surprise and disappointed这两个高雅地表达不满的字眼)when I saw YYY’s email. Pls take exactly immediate action to push all thing come back the right way.

I am really appreciated for D has strictly complied with company’s policy. And pls clearly to be noted, all her previous and coming actions are under my authorization!


Here I would like to list the details again, even thought D has shown your side for many times:

QC inspection for TCS:

All of us know well about Q, and they represent the authority in the field. The end customer has enough confidence to them. I have been working together them in the past several years, and really know well for all the procedure. So I think that is no necessary from your side to doubt their QC report.

For make all things come back on the road, and show our strong willing to continue the business I would like to show our procedure(we only accept this solution at this moment):



We believe above solution is our final accepting solution, and would not accept any future re-negotiation.

I would like to reiterate here, D has my all authority under handling this issue. For any future connection pls contact with her directly.


BEC 《本叔的商業英語》3 – 客户由于质量问题不付款怎么办(上)




以下是同学发的文件,我连拼错的字也原汁原味转来。Spell check 大家必须做:

Dear ALL,
TCS already passed the final inspection issued by Q. So from our side,(这句很中式,你可能想说“我们这边认为。。”。建议改为From our point of view, 霸气点可以“In my view”。将View变作动词就更霸气。。。不过,你是在做生意,不是在演戏。。不用太霸气的。。)we don’t think it’s necessary for tomorrow’s re-inspection.(整句还是不错,因为你把自己的看法直接清晰地表达出来了。)

But pls clearly to be noted,?(这句也是常错的。首先,讲一点文法。But永远不用来开句的。这里应该用However来代替But开句。另外一点是句式太复杂。Pls be clearly noted that….会好一点。但也只是好一点点而已。。。)indicated by our company’s policy we must receive at least 50% payment for TCJ no later than Monday,?(此处该有连接词吧?有点odd)no shippment will be allowed to arrange for TCS?before we received any serious offical?(Official?就够了。你可能是见过有人用serious在类似的场合,但这里不对。)payment confirmation.

?I am sorry for this, but I need to follow company’s policy. And pls let me know your action ASAP.?


Hi all,(我知道你们教科书都是DEAR。跟一个老头DEAR,渣男屌丝又DEAR,你没觉得不对劲吗?)

Following the positive inspection result from Q, I don’t see the needs of the reinspection.? Quality should be well accepted according to our defined process.? (多用Process。在品管领域,Process是圣旨。既有process而不跟,死罪。)As a separate issue, (这的确该是两码事)may I remind you that we must receive 50% of the payment before we can proceed your shipment?? I am not able to release anything without a solid proof(Solid这个字很好用).? Please help me to help you an on time delivery.(这句不得了。。。就是说:哥,我已尽力了,你得自己争气啊。。。)

I am sorry, but a rule is a rule (这一句可以不要,有點硬。就看你跟客户的关系了).? Thanks?for your understand.?




?Hi Dora,

?We had already advised that there was no need to arrange Q inspection but let our QC Janny to do the re-final inspection. Please confirm that you had already sorted out all the problems as what our QC Janny found on her final inspection. Her previous final inspection was rejected with a lot of issues. Please reply.


Hi Carmen, Janny needs to do this reinspection and eyeball?(Eyeball这个字很常见也很有现场感,值得大家学习)the whole stock.

I agree with?B。
We need to ensure the?workmanship issues have truly been addressed.?(这句很典型的跟屁虫废话,500强常见。)

BEC 《本叔的商業英語》2 – 如何应报销(谈代理)

同一件事,同一个立场,用上不同的写法出来的效果会完全不同。本篇的例子很能体会现出来。全篇英文写得表达到位,但就感觉不是在聊生意,而是在谈判。那你会问:叔,人生不就是一场又一场的谈判吗?叔一个苦笑,说:谈判是不是都要穿上西装在会议室那种才叫谈判呢? ?其实绝大部份的决策,都是在谈笑风生casual的情况下成型的。而这种气氛,就是要业务猿你去营造的了。好的BE能做到這一點。





Dear AAA,

?May i ask your annual demand for each model if it is the exclusive model in your market??(一来就问人你付得起多少钱,叔叔我卖巧克力的,我不敢。。。我丑我先睡去。。。)

?? Please let me explain the exclusivity in our company as following: ?(不错,用letme explain让人舒服。这里用exclusivity policy会比较好,让人感觉我们是一视同仁的。)

1) The tooling cost for each model is around xx,xxx USD.
2) The certificate cost for each model is around xx,xxx USD.
3) It will take at least 8 months to finish one new BPM model, the development cost is xx,xxx USD.
?Totally, it will cost xx,xx USD for one model, please kindly understand that we need to keep the balance between invenstment and output (orders ).

?Based on the very large cost on one NEW BPM model, Normally, we will not sign the exclusivity with customers,there are two solutions for the product conflict:

1) For the models you selected, please tell us the annual demand and we will check if it is possible to keep you as the only distributor (不是only distributor, 而是sole agency/ sole distributor) in your market.

2) If the annual demand is small, we will suggest to make the product colour different for avoiding the conflict. (我看到你在提供其他方案了,这点不错。)

?So far , the orders from BBB is more than yours, (哇,你是在说:AAA你算老几?)so it is very hard to make the decision, however, we respect our relationship, (啊,那真是皇恩已沐啊。。。)Any more suggestion, please feel free to tell us and let’s discuss about it.?(其实这句就跟微信第一个微笑脸一样,有种呵呵的感觉了。。。)

Best regards,

整体来说,这篇BE写得还可以。我一直强调,BE(business English)不是要多华丽的英文语句,而是在于沟通,思维在语言之上。这一篇算是达到这一个标准了,只是语气太强硬。想必你对多年的朋友绝不会如此吧?所以,这篇问题点在于英语表达。



First of all I would like to appreciate your intention to work exclusively with us.? This mean to me our product can serve your market well and I assume that also mean you are happy with our relationship. ?(这是个事实。我的产品能帮你卖钱,我们都应该很高兴)Look back to our long successful history it make perfect sense we can work further and closer together. (回顾一下,对双方历史性的作出高度认同。。。)

Yet, being exclusive could be a direct financial hit to our business.? Here I list out my concerns:

1.ROI:? Considerable investment (Considerable是個得體的字,沒說我們投了多少,但也是沒有太少,還是值得重視的)in our NPI (New product introduction, NPI,新產品開發流程)process:? Design, tooling, certification, timing.. etc. if you are interested I can send you a breakdown to give you a better idea.

2.Put yourself into my shoes (大慨可以譯為「將心比心」吧,很好用,很常用來說服客戶)I wish you could understand where I come from.? I need to go volume (剛巧,也真是剛巧,「走量」的英語用法是go volume。這不是中式英文) in order to amortize (啊,這字挺深的啊。「分攤」是意思。模具之類的固定成本要分攤到單件上,就是用這個生詞)my cost. ?

3.As a result, I would be more than happy(比快樂還快樂?不知咋譯, 反正就是表達快樂到不要不要的意思吧)to discuss with anyone about exclusivity (獨家經營)with a contracted volume.? (這裡也表達了我們是要用合同的,而不是隨便說說的)This way I could focus on my manufacturing role while partnering with local market expert on sales.? (我們就這樣分工吧!我專心生產你專心賣賣賣!)

Having said that, other factors like branding effort, channel coverage….etc could be of consideration. ?

I am open for discussion if the above sound reasonable to you. (「你若是聽起來合理」。這句用中譯絕對是怪怪的。這世上既有中式英文,那有西式中文也好像說得過去吧?我想說的是,世上的語言都有自己背後的logic。而這些logic又跟他們的文化歷史有關。勉強拉在一起就會「怪怪的」了)。?

Meanwhile, I believe being exclusive is NOT the only way to be of best interest to us.? (「其實我們是不想跟你談獨家的」會聊天版本。不把話說死,但我們隨了聊獨家其實還有很多可以聊的。用上對的語言,就能把這些話表達得有技巧)There must be some more opportunity.

I am open for discussion if the above sound reasonable to you.? Meanwhile, I believe being exclusive is NOT the only way to be of best interest to us.? There must be some more opportunity.

Thanks for the trust and the business.? We will keep talking.


BEC 《本叔的商業英語》1 – 如何应对客户索要的促销价格

这是一个关于跟客户合作做promotion的案例。记得当年我恩师说过一句话:在企业内,采购的力量来自供应商。除了平常的常规供货,供应商还是一个很好的资源,只是看你会不会用而已。这一篇的老外就很聪明了。因为他懂得把供应商拉下水,一起去搞promotion。按一般老板的OEM思维,你跟我买货了,你在你的市场内爱咋玩咋玩,跟我有什么关系?可是在这些时刻,客户都会突然变身成为你的long term partner,然后展会他纯真的笑容跟你要减价要钱:「你好我好大家好啊亲!」。

的确,promotion是一个win win的事,很有可能为你带来更多的订单。把供应商拉一块去承担一下风险确实是个好idea。

I need a rock bottom price (就是说,很rock的,很硬的,最最低价)for 500 pairs of XXXXX samples so I can use them for a direct mail advertisement. ?I will mail only the R or the L with a coupon to order the other one and more.(这招挺不错,两只鞋只寄一只,试用了感觉良好再买另一只)If it works, I will continue the campaign across the US and order more of these samples.

They do not need any package – lose in one box is fine.They will need the new glue strips and the logo.I don’t care about the color of XXX you use, as long as the only change in XXX used is the color.

Can you partner with us on this promotion and give us a sample price of $XX per pair and we will pay the shipping for the single box.(都要partner with us了要人家减价的时候总是表现得那么的亲切)

So in the future if we order samples, we can order a case of 500 each time at XX each and you can pick the XXX color. ?This promotion will ask the lady to take the XXXX challenge. ?Try it in one shoe…then we will give them a coupon to buy one at regular price and get the other sample L or R one free.
If it works we can pick up many clients and reorder more regular packages with you, but I need a partner to help0 me lower the price for promtiion. ?In US a mail promotion is usually 2% return, so we would take a chance to lose money on the first one. (客户其实挺有诚意的了,开口闭口partner,他们脸皮厚得敢叫你免费送他一批样板一起把市场做大什么的)?

If this is agreeable, I’m ready to pay the invoice. ?



It is a really good news you want to ?expanding your market. as your know we alway support with your team.?礼貌,四平八稳,没感情,没套近乎,典型中式英文。人家都把整盘大计告诉你了,你咋还不夸夸客户脑洞真大,真聪明,你咋不上天呢?)

But for this time base on two point we cannot do this way:

1.MOQ issue,even no color limited?,but every color we have MOQ ?when we purchase raw materials.
(這句Grammatical,可改:MOQ issue: when we purchased we have MOQ limitation by color.)
we have no raw materials in stock.

2.Price issue,upon 500pairs USDXXX it hard for us keep profit balance.?(也是了,不过,直言是因为自己赚不够真的好吗?看你跟客户关系了,也不一定是坏事。)

But we have solution,we still have your color materials in our factory,we can produce 500 pairs use your materials.
Price we can make an discount for XX% without package.

If you have any comment pls let me know.換成我,會這樣寫:


Look like you have an innovative marketing campaign.? I am interested to know how you come up with this idea? (夸!是个人都爱被夸的,这是个心理科学。再说,要是他真的跟你说他的plan详情,不也对你了解当地市场有很大帮助吗? )As you supplier we certainly would work out a solid plan (solid plan,一个实际的计划)。

Looking into the details I am afraid (不是真的怕,这是英文一个普通的用法。译作「恐怕」最适合)there are 2 points that we might need to come over.

1. MOQ:? When we purchase from the factory their request a order with MOQ by color.? Put it simple, one color, one MOQ.?

2.?? Target price:? That gonna be a very challenging (很挑战性的,就是暗示很难了,你不要太大期望了)target price to hit. Are you open for ideas about cutting the cost? Like, changing certain part of the products…etc?(这里也在暗示另一件事,就是说单纯的减价是不可能了,你一定要改一些东西让我成本能降下来,大家聊聊)

Good news is that we have some of your existing colors in stock and we could be flexible for those.?

If you would like to go without packaging I am able to offer you further XX % discount.

YES we are ready to receive your order.? Let’s keep the ball rolling.


BEC 《本叔的商業英語》8 – 网站上的About us该咋写?




Luxor wedding started with something sweet. Being the first to introduce this kind of chocolate as a wedding element into Asia, Luxor chocolate quickly establish it awareness as a brand of love and wedding. (说品牌历史还是有些套路的。「定位」一书有说争取成为客户心智中的格格,最好的方法莫过于第一个导入新品类的人。如果你真是品类第一,不要多想,马上写上。当然,咱们99%都不会是这样的品类第一,那么就不要乱用了。第一句started with something sweet 很直观地又巧妙地把爱情和巧克力共同的甜密联想起来。)

Luxor Wedding moves on (move on是个把品牌人性化的词。Proceed, make progress可能是你在电邮上比较常用的词,但却把品牌写成生硬硬又很多流程的老派企业)by creating and designing unique wedding favor idea and manufacture it by our own workshop or carefully picked manufacturing partner. (这个写法就巧妙地说了我们不是工厂但比工厂有价值多了。)Our “little favor” turn out to be big (中文修词学过对比法吗?这里little favor/ big choice就是一例)and hot choice even by celebrity’s wedding in HK and China.(对了,这品牌出现过在Angelababy 和香港的胡杏儿的婚礼上啊!听说很快又有另一位了。)

As we understand what uniqueness means to every brides and gloom, customization is one of our key focus of service. (这里又把礼品个性化的服务和新人对婚礼的uniqueness唯一性的要求连在一起。”As we understand”= “因为我们明白”, 强而有力)We proudly tailor-made almost any part of the gifts to reveal importance of the memorable event.

Luxor wedding, the last detail of wedding. (最后是一个slogan。英文的slogan是个大大大学问,有机会我再分享一下。)


Five pieces of sugar almonds represent five wishes for the new couples: Health, wealth, happiness, children and a long life. This old European tradition has been blessing generations of love in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.(首先,我们把其中一段关于巧克力的真历史写出来。意大利人也有封建迷信之时(笑)说笑而已,习俗,you know…习俗)

Heritage(我特别喜欢这个字:承传。很美的一个字。。) from this thousand years of tradition, Luxor evolute itself(Evolute itself….字面上是「把自己进化成」,好像怪怪的。但我却看出一个品牌生命力) to be a pioneer of the blessing confessionary industry. Our signature “The Luxor” and “Hanayome” color series (signature这里不是签名啊!日文该是「广告牌」,中文应该是「招牌货」吧)representing a rich range of pink, purple and red which is widely adopted by wedding ceremony since the Enlightenment period. (嗯,连文艺复兴都用上了。。。不过,天地良心,我已查了不少资料了,真的在那时已经用来做婚庆的了)
Originated from Mediterranean Sea, where sugar-coated chocolate born, Luxor are created to gift and to bless. (为祝佑而生的Luxor。created to gift and bless….修词功夫在这里了。估计大部分四六级小朋友都会Luxor use as a gift and to bless someone之类吧。)The sugar-coated chocolate with a great selection of impactful color(你要形容很漂亮,是不是就只懂说beautiful? pretty? nice? 还有吗?对的,电邮沟通重理解越简单越好,但文案就不同了。对文字的要求远远不止是让人明白就够了。Impactful是个简单的字,冲击力谁不懂呀?但你会懂得用在这里吗?看,我还是认为好的BE不是在背生词!!) are ideal for wedding gift and serve as(serve as, 作为,也是很常用,很好用) a key component of wedding candy bar.

Each piece of luxor is made from cocoa grew exclusively(制造Luxor巧克力的那些可可豆当然是为Luxor而种!!这是个正确的废话。你再想一想每日接触的广告,有多少是这些正确的废话?) for it. By using recipe sine 40s from the last century(Luxor在地中海的供货商是个小的家族工厂,1940年代已经开始了), our manufacturing technique have been advanced to a new standard. Today our plant in the Mediterranean Sea area is ISO9001:2008 certificated.

好了,现在再看看你们网站上的About us觉得怎样?我同意,写文案是高级的BE,也不能强求自己要懂。但我相当肯定好的文案能 makes a different。我会在以后的BE帖不定期找好的文案来分析一下。









请Ben叔叔改改,谢谢!Ben叔叔轻点喷。 ;-)

Hi I,
I am about ready to place more orders for 4mm white?
Let me know if you are interested in doing business with us.
Material to be paid upon arrival.

Hi ,

Very glad to get your 2nd inquiry.

To be honest, our standard payment terms is 100% prepaid before loading. (30% deposit before production + 70% balance paid before loading ). I don’t want you think we are too rigid, but actually this is also the standard terms in our industry. (这句不错,不是英文不错,而是看到诚意。standard term不要乱吹,真的是standard才说,不然客户看到其他供货商不是这个standard时会迷之怒。)

I’ve do my best to persuade our management to meet your request, but it’s too hard for us to fully accept your way. I hope you can understand my thoughts. (你又不解释为什么不能接受,只说是跟高层争取过了,说服力不够。不过好像比上几篇说:我跟老板说了下他就答应减价了。。。要好很多了。)

We cherish every customer, (cherish, 用字不错)so below is the our solutions for you:

25% deposit before production, we also need deposit to pay our raw material supplier, 75% balance paid 15 days after see the copy of bill of lading. (注意。。。你这句在说,我的物料成本只是占了25%其他的除了人工就是利润了~哗。。。1元的料4元卖出去,暴利啊。。另一个要点,客户可能会觉得你这什么破公司?买料都不够钱了?我还敢用你吗?)
At this way you will pay balance when material almost arrive at you. I hope this make you feel much better.

I understand as a serious buyer you may worry about our quality, (感觉除了质量外,他在乎的还有其他。你先别一箱情愿地以为人家对你的质量没信心。。。还是你自己没信心?)my suggestion is you can request a third party to inspect goods before shipment, we will do shipment until get approval from your inspection. We welcome inspections before shipments, this help assured for both buyers and us. Or you can place a trial order to check our quality and services before place regular orders.

I hope this time can make you satisfied.




DDU – Delivered Duty Unpaid (named place of destination)

This term means that the seller delivers the goods to the buyer to the named place of destination in the contract of sale. A transaction in international trade where the seller is responsible for making a safe delivery of goods to a named destination, paying all transportation and customs clearance expenses but not the duty. The seller bears the risks and costs associated with supplying the goods to the delivery location, where the buyer becomes responsible for paying the duty and taxes.





Ben叔叔认为logic应该是这样的。1, 你的单我当然是要接定的了,现在只余下一个简单的技术性问题,我们可以谈好的。2, 我们也没做个DDU,不过我查了,以下是整个费用的清单。3, 您看看其实也不是那么危险的,4, 风险是对等的啊我们也有担心呢~5, 所以,一人让一步吧。



Of course I am ready to intake your order :) We’ve spent long time together trying to make things happen (yeah…yeah..ok.. 文法老师又来说我错吧)and I am sure we can figure it out. (拉拉战斗友谊。不过此处这一段不是所有情况都合适。有时,你想拉近距离,有时你却是想怎样保持礼貌的距离。这一点要你自己决定)

As an industrial norm (norm跟standard差不多,不过standard是个比较科学和生硬的字), 100% payment before shipment has it reason. If you are so kind (这里我用了你们一直很爱的kind字。为什么?)to put yourself into my shoes: you get a paper or sometime just a verbal confirmation from customer and then you start to spend money on material and processing. Until the goods arrive your customer you don’t get anything back. The risk and the cash cycle are just too big for us. (要让他明白你的处境,这个put yourself into my shoes是挺好用的)

We also notice your request on DDU term. To be frank we don’t normally work on this term simply because we don’t understand the risk behind it. (不明白这个风险所以我们很少做DDU。非常合理) In order to win your order (我是有多想要你的订单啊!)we seriously look into it and work together with a logistic provider who has good experience and presence in your country. (要说明,你找的不是一个一段的三流物流公司。他们专业,跟重要的,是熟悉贵国情况)I do a total cost breakdown for your reference by attachment with the hope that make our cost structure more visualize to you.(这是服务!这不是你口常说的服务好,不是那种跪着接单管接管送管陪玩的服务。这是实际解决客户痛点,为他增值的服务。)

We’ve been looking for a reasonable middle point that balance our risk and cost, and here is the proposal: (列点是最能清楚条理的方法)

1. We need XX% of deposit to kick of this project and cover all the related cost (material + overhead)
2. We will do DDU, as you wish. (as you wish, 如你所愿)We will cover part of your risk.
3. Feel free to arrange 3rd party inspection if it is necessary. However I personally don’t think it is a must. We have a quality system that you can trust. (你要派人来可以,但我觉得没这必要)
4. We offer extra 15 days for your incoming inspection before paying us the balance. This make sure you have enough time to check and reduce your quality risk. (仁至义尽了吧)

This is by far the best deal we’ve offered. I hope this time we could start the business.



BEC 《本叔的商業英語》60 – BE立体谈判八张牌


就我所见,[谈判]这个话题一直都是水分非常高。各种似是而非的理论,加上心理学家的参合,电影的戏码,搞得这像是个非常深不可测的事儿一样。我虽是采购底子,却很少写这个题目。之前做过唯一的讲题《Negotiate like a Child — 小孩谈判术》,也是因为从前老东家的一次培训中看过此书,加上女儿日渐长大也会[谈判]起来,觉得有趣才有此一讲。所以即使我的确受过不少关于这方面的培训和多年大大小小N场的谈判,我也不凑热闹说这些高深的道理。谈判的[道],不外乎是准备充足,知己知彼。而谈判的[术],却绝非坊间教你穿什么颜色衣服去见客户,也不是看看对手是什么星座什么性格。外贸上的谈判[术],还是可以找到一些可着墨之处。



“This is well over my budget.”

“Our quality is better!”

“Well, maybe. I am not sure this is the quality level I am looking for, however”

“You desire it. People change their quality appetite and upgrading their sense of value for money.”

“Yes this is true but in our retail market, price always come first.”

“Ah…are you open to consider a new payment term for a discount? I could offer you some XX% discount if you could consider a 60% pre-payment.”

“That might works. I need to check with my finance manager. However, it still can’t hit my target price. Please reconsider a even better price.”

“That is already the best I could do in my authority.”

“What make it so high?”

“Well, the customized part of the product require special tooling that belong to you and you only.”

“Hey you can keep it and use on your other product. I didn’t expect that is an exclusive…”

“Really? That could help..”






– 买一万件半价,那么十万呢?百万呢?饱和点在哪里?
– 到底是一年十万件半价,还是每一万件就打一点折?哪种方法更好?
– EOQ 我之前解释过了,我们可以如何利用EOQ 来谈判呢?
– 客户说他有very very big big order, 你信吗?我们是要如何才能有效摸底呢?

去年我在日本北海道旅游,哈密瓜真的不能再好吃了!!! 2000日元一个,但买的人还是很多!在日常生活中,很容易找到为品质买单的例子。可是你工作上的谈判呢?想一想以下问题:

– 当我们说起品质是,是我们[觉得]好品质值得多花钱?怎样才能量产化?
– 那么既然品质有价了,那是不是我们就该拼了老命都要做全球最好的品质呢?
– 你的工匠精神,在你的谈判中真的值钱吗?


老外说的[Apple to apple] 意思是比较有可比性。客户聊价,该把他带回你的产品,而不是他想象中的产品。你以为都是在谈一口螺丝钉,但他只是要一口类似宜家家私的钉,而你卖的却是工差范围在0.01之内(举个例子,别认真)的钉,那真是[鸡同鸭讲]了。

我很久之前写一篇关于VE(价值工程,value engineering)的文章,也是“Spec. Vs Price”的一个好案例。我在BEA内说明了。