BEC 《本叔的商業英語》1 – 如何应对客户索要的促销价格

这是一个关于跟客户合作做promotion的案例。记得当年我恩师说过一句话:在企业内,采购的力量来自供应商。除了平常的常规供货,供应商还是一个很好的资源,只是看你会不会用而已。这一篇的老外就很聪明了。因为他懂得把供应商拉下水,一起去搞promotion。按一般老板的OEM思维,你跟我买货了,你在你的市场内爱咋玩咋玩,跟我有什么关系?可是在这些时刻,客户都会突然变身成为你的long term partner,然后展会他纯真的笑容跟你要减价要钱:「你好我好大家好啊亲!」。

的确,promotion是一个win win的事,很有可能为你带来更多的订单。把供应商拉一块去承担一下风险确实是个好idea。

I need a rock bottom price (就是说,很rock的,很硬的,最最低价)for 500 pairs of XXXXX samples so I can use them for a direct mail advertisement. ?I will mail only the R or the L with a coupon to order the other one and more.(这招挺不错,两只鞋只寄一只,试用了感觉良好再买另一只)If it works, I will continue the campaign across the US and order more of these samples.

They do not need any package – lose in one box is fine.They will need the new glue strips and the logo.I don’t care about the color of XXX you use, as long as the only change in XXX used is the color.

Can you partner with us on this promotion and give us a sample price of $XX per pair and we will pay the shipping for the single box.(都要partner with us了要人家减价的时候总是表现得那么的亲切)

So in the future if we order samples, we can order a case of 500 each time at XX each and you can pick the XXX color. ?This promotion will ask the lady to take the XXXX challenge. ?Try it in one shoe…then we will give them a coupon to buy one at regular price and get the other sample L or R one free.
If it works we can pick up many clients and reorder more regular packages with you, but I need a partner to help0 me lower the price for promtiion. ?In US a mail promotion is usually 2% return, so we would take a chance to lose money on the first one. (客户其实挺有诚意的了,开口闭口partner,他们脸皮厚得敢叫你免费送他一批样板一起把市场做大什么的)?

If this is agreeable, I’m ready to pay the invoice. ?



It is a really good news you want to ?expanding your market. as your know we alway support with your team.?礼貌,四平八稳,没感情,没套近乎,典型中式英文。人家都把整盘大计告诉你了,你咋还不夸夸客户脑洞真大,真聪明,你咋不上天呢?)

But for this time base on two point we cannot do this way:

1.MOQ issue,even no color limited?,but every color we have MOQ ?when we purchase raw materials.
(這句Grammatical,可改:MOQ issue: when we purchased we have MOQ limitation by color.)
we have no raw materials in stock.

2.Price issue,upon 500pairs USDXXX it hard for us keep profit balance.?(也是了,不过,直言是因为自己赚不够真的好吗?看你跟客户关系了,也不一定是坏事。)

But we have solution,we still have your color materials in our factory,we can produce 500 pairs use your materials.
Price we can make an discount for XX% without package.

If you have any comment pls let me know.換成我,會這樣寫:


Look like you have an innovative marketing campaign.? I am interested to know how you come up with this idea? (夸!是个人都爱被夸的,这是个心理科学。再说,要是他真的跟你说他的plan详情,不也对你了解当地市场有很大帮助吗? )As you supplier we certainly would work out a solid plan (solid plan,一个实际的计划)。

Looking into the details I am afraid (不是真的怕,这是英文一个普通的用法。译作「恐怕」最适合)there are 2 points that we might need to come over.

1. MOQ:? When we purchase from the factory their request a order with MOQ by color.? Put it simple, one color, one MOQ.?

2.?? Target price:? That gonna be a very challenging (很挑战性的,就是暗示很难了,你不要太大期望了)target price to hit. Are you open for ideas about cutting the cost? Like, changing certain part of the products…etc?(这里也在暗示另一件事,就是说单纯的减价是不可能了,你一定要改一些东西让我成本能降下来,大家聊聊)

Good news is that we have some of your existing colors in stock and we could be flexible for those.?

If you would like to go without packaging I am able to offer you further XX % discount.

YES we are ready to receive your order.? Let’s keep the ball rolling.


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